Biotechnology Department

  • Main fields of study:
    You can apply to universities and colleges at home and abroad:
    1. Biological Technology
    2. Life Sciences
    3. Molecular Biology
    4. Clinical Medicine
    5. Biology
    6. Heredity
    7. Public Health
    8. Agrochemical and other related research institutes
    9. Apply for post-baccalaureate medical department
    10. Apply for law, business, design, education courses, etc. to become cross-field talents.
  • Employment pipeline
    1. Apply for biotechnology technicians, investigators of the Ministry of Justice, food technicians, environmental protection technicians and other public officials.
    2. Entered Academia Sinica, National Institutes of Health, Biotechnology Center, and various universities as research assistants.
    3. Enter a biotechnology company to engage in research and development, sales agency, instrument maintenance, etc.
    4. Learn media and other related knowledge, and become a media worker with a background in biological sciences.

Healthcare Information & Management

  • further study
    1. Management-related institutes: finance, enterprise, human resources and management institutes.
    2. Related research institutes of the School of Medical Management: Institute of Medical Institution Management, Institute of Public Health, Institute of Health Policy and Management, Institute of Medical Management, Institute of Biotechnology Management.
    3. Information-related research institutes: Institute of Medical Information, Institute of Bioinformatics, Institute of Information Management, etc.
  • employment
    1. Medical institutions: Can work in public and private hospitals at all levels.
    2. Private manufacturers: personnel at all levels of multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology and health care manufacturers, medical information networks, and medical and health care equipment manufacturers.
    3. Administrative units: You can work in the Department of Health, Health Bureau, insurance institutions, medical associations, health bureaus, etc.
    4. To hold a teaching position: Complete the credits of the education course and obtain the qualification of primary and secondary school teachers.
    5. Media work: learn media and other related knowledge, and become a media worker with medical information and management background.

    Biomedical Engineering

    • Enrollment:
      • National Cheng Kung University Medical Institute, Yangming Medical Institute, Jiaotong University Medical Institute, Qing University Institute of Biomedicine and Environmental Engineering, Chang Gung Electrical Engineering Institute, Chang Gung Biomedical Institute, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Institute of Electronics, Public and Private University Information Research Institute, Materials Institute wait.

    • employment:
      • Medical equipment certification engineers, patent engineers, equipment engineers, software engineers, professional engineers in marketing services, design and development, electrical machinery, electronics, and information industries.